Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Door

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Automatic Sliding Door

We have lots of kinds of cold room doors.including hinged door,sliding door,double leaf swing door,free door. We usually use hinged door and sliding door. Hinged door includes half-buried door and full buried door. Sliding door includes manual sliding door and automatic sliding door.

















Low Temperature Freezer
-45℃ freezer
-60℃ freezer
-80℃ freezer
deep freezer
ultra low temperature freezer
cold room

Physiotherapy equipment
Walking Rehabilitation
Upper limb rehabilitation
Lower limb rehabilitation
Whole body rehabilitation
Children rehabilitation
Finger rehabilitation
CPM series
Treatment table series
Lumbar and neck traction bed
Medical mask

PDH Multiplexer
SDH Multiplexer
E1 Converter
TDM over IP
PCM Multiplexer
Fiber Media Converter
Fiber Video Converter
fiber module
SFP fiber module
SFP+ fiber module
40G 100G module

PCM multiplexer
fiber Module
SFP+ fiber module
40G module
100G transceiver
fiber to ethernet converter
E3 DS3 to ethernet converter
fiber optical modem
TDM over IP
G.SHDSL modem


Food industry, supermarket, warehouse, pharmacy, retail and other industries
Suitable environment
-45°C ~ +50°C
Optional accessories
 Hollow glass visual window

Small polyurethane foam door

Anti-collision posts can be installed beside the doorway, to protect the carts from hitting the door leaf accidently.

Sealing strip/ Rubber gasket
All-round EPDM with excellent resistance to high and low temperature, ozone and atmospheric aging, as well as good dielectric, water-repellent, physiologically inert characteristics

Working temperature is -50°C~+130°C.

Door leaf
Aluminum profile and steel panel are combined to form the shell, inside which the polyurethane foams. It’s cold-bridge-free with perfect insulation.

Steel choice : painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel.

The emergency escape device allows the door to be opened from inside when locked.

Door frame profile
The door frame profile is made of aluminum or plastic, which is elegant and durable, unlike the wooden profile, which is low in strength and perishable.

Self regulating heater can be added, which doesn’t need temperature controller or manual switch power supply.

The track is made of aluminum alloy. The wheel works in lined rail and inclined rail. When the door opens, it will separate from the door frame. When the door closes, it will compress towards the door frame and floor.

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