Aluminum Cold Room

Aluminum Cold Room

Aluminum Cold Room

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Aluminum Cold Room


1. Modular insulation panel, CAM hook, Installation is simple, easy to install
2. Refrigeration: R22, R404A, Glycol Secondary Refrigerant
3. Temperature Range: From – 35°C To + 30°C
4. Room Size: According to the customer request design
5. Functions: Keep Fresh, Frozen, Quick-Freeze, Fire-Proof,
6. The world famous brand refrigeration fittings
7. Long life cycle
8. Full automatic control, easy to operation and management
9. Defrost Type: Electric defrosting, Water defrosting
10.High efficiency and energy saving design

The Aluminum Cold Room are intended for cooling and storage of perishable product-cooled or frozen.
1. The Cold Storage is built by polyurethane sandwich panels, easy to mount and to disassemble or enlarge if necessary.
2. The panels are joined by means of quick-action eccentric mechanisms. 3. The external and inner panel cover is of zinc-coated steel sheet with a plastic finish. The heat insulation is of rigid foam polyurethane.
3. The floor panels are reinforced and they withstand distributed load up to 2000 kg / SQ Meters.
4. The Cold Storage is equipped with electric lighting. Freon 22 and 404A are used as refrigerants.
5. The prefabricated cold rooms are intended for cooling and storage of perishable products-cooled or froze.
6. The Cold Storage should be installed in a sheltered place away from direct sunshine, dust and rain.
7. Depending on the cooling temperature maintained, the Cold Storage can be:
– for medium temperatures from + 20℃ to -5℃.
– for low temperatures from -15℃ to -60℃.
8. According to the conditions of work the Cold Storage are available from +5℃ up to + 45℃ ambient air temperature

The cold room is covered by PU Insulation Panel,Air Cooled Evaporator,Condensing unit,cold room door and other refrigeration parts.


Cold Room is made fresh  for fish, meat and vegetable .

Hotels and Restaurant, hospitals and blood bank, poultry slaughter, aquaculture and mushroom cultivation cold room / cold storage.

Pharmaceutical processing and logistics cold storage room, beverage production and processing storage, beer production and cooling cold room / cold storage,

large-scale logistics Storage, injection molding, machine cooling, chemical product cooling, leather manufacturing cold room / cold storage.


















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