-60℃ super low mini freezer DW-60W28/50

-60℃ super low mini freezer DW-60W28/50


The freezer is used for fresh storage of tuna, spot prawn, scampi etc. deep seafood at -60°C at Japanese restaurants, deep sea fishing, home and hotels etc.

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-60℃ super low mini freezer


mini freezer Features:

Unique ultra low temperature patent technology, superior performance(strong refrigeration, fast cooling and lower temperature),  high efficiency and lower energy consumption;

Major components such as compressor, thermostat and fan motor are world famous brands, copper tube evaporator and SUS 304 stainless steel interior, reliable and durable, ensure safety of stored samples;

Digital temperature display, the temperature inside freezer is easy to see; High/low temperature and sensor fault alarms, to know abnormal conditions in time;

Double gaskets and thick foam insulation, good thermal insulation and energy saving;

Fit with casters, easy moving;

CFC free mixed refrigerants & foaming agent, green and environmentally friendly.


 Technical data: 

Capacity28 liters50 liters88 liters
Temperature range-25°C to -65°C,


-25°C to -65°C,


-25°C to -65°C,


Climate typeNNN
Power supply220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Rated input150W250W300W
Unit dimension565*485*785mm670*560*790mm670*670*795mm
Inner dimension350*270*285mm467*360*290mm465*465*395mm
Net weight40 kg45 kg50 kg






















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