Full-buried Swing Door(Hinged door)

Full-buried Swing Door(Hinged door)

Our cold room hinged door consists of a door leaf,which is filled with 100mm to 150mm thickness polyurethane foam .100% polyurethane insulated under high pressure,high density of 43kg/m,with fire proof and resistance. For its specialized thermal bonding bar in the door frame and door sill, our product could effectively prevent the freezing in the seal and could be used where temperature is as low as -45 centigrade degree.Heater(For defrost) voltage: 24V/36V.Rubber around to avoid leakage.Safety handle mounted on the back of the door panel for inside emergency opening.

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Full-buried Swing Door(Hinged door) 

We have lots of kinds of cold room doors.including hinged door,sliding door,double leaf swing door,free door. We usually use hinged door and sliding door. Hinged door includes half-buried door and full buried door. Sliding door includes manual sliding door and automatic sliding door.


Place of Origin: Jiangsu  China (Mainland)

Brand Name: LIGfrozen

Model Number: customized

Temperature: -45°C~+50 °C

Core material: PU

Surface material: color steel/stainless steel

Density: 43 ±2 kg/m³

PU thickness: 50mm,75mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm


Standard Cold storage room hinges door hole dimensions:800x1800mm and 100mm thickness, hinges door plate dimensions: 870mmx1870mm and 100mm thickness with seal strip. also we call it semi buried door.Other size for hinges door are available:700x1700mm, 800x1800mm, 900x1800mm,1000x2000mm, etc.


Food industry, supermarket, warehouse, pharmacy, retail and other industries
Suitable environment
-45 ~ +50 degree
Optional accessories
Hollow glass visual window

Small polyurethane foam door

Sealing strip
Flexible plastic built-in magnetic strip can make the sealing perfect.
Door leaf
Plastic profile and steel panel are combined to form the shell, inside which the polyurethane foams. It’s cold-bridge-free with perfect insulation.

Steel choice: painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum steel.

Door frame
Plastic profile and steel panel are combined to form the shell, inside which the polyurethane foams. It’s cold-bridge-free with perfect insulation.

Self regulating heater can be added, which doesn’t need temperature controller or manual switch power supply.

Door lock

Safety lock NS1178, inside and outside handle is directly connected, which can reduce the failure rate. The internal panic button can be pressed to open the door from inside. It is easier, safer, and more reliable.








































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